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Welcome to Corprate Spectrum

Dear Corporate Spectrum Business Partners,

Let me start with thanking everyone who makes a difference in our lives by creating a meaningful work for us. Times for search firms have never been so exciting and challenging. The search for managerial talent has taken a altogether new meaning in today’s fiercely competitive corporate environment. Each hiring decision is being treated as a million dollar decision and the margins for error is now zero.

Rising pressures from the shareholders create immense stress on “More with Less”. Productivity gain is the buzzword in the corporate arena. Workers in today’s era are no longer expected to work in silos, but are expected to be extremely good at multi-tasking. ‘Only thinkers’ have a short life span as the focus is equally on ‘Execution’, similarly ‘only good at execution’ will have limited opportunities as equal focus is on thinking strategically. This phenomenon is no longer role specific. Each role demands multitasking.

One more dramatic shift has come from the technology. In today’s world, there are no geographical boundaries. Most of the work can now be done virtually; hence competition is no longer local. There are increasing examples of companies creating virtual teams supporting multiple transnational geographies.

At Corporate Spectrum, we are acutely aware of these dynamics of the corporate world. Our experience of over 2 decades has equipped us suitable to understand these unique challenges and adapt ourselves to respond to these challenges in precise and timely manner. After having spent considerable time in being on both sides of the table, we understand perspectives of employees as well as employers.
As a relatively new entrant in this world, we offer a unique combination of Passion and Capabilities. We assure you of an experience par excellence in true professional sense. We hope to do business with you and win your trust and loyalty by creating a win-win situation.  

With Warm Regards,

Suresh Tiwari